there's more to it than this
uqam, montreal - winter .2018
Laser printed
24 x 36

poster for my thesis project, a book that showcase the works and subculture of self-taught tattoo artists that are part of a new movement.
heaven knows
uqam, montreal - winter .2018
Silkscreen on frame glass
7 x 10 
palais sans - font and specimen
uqam, montreal - autumn .2017
sans serif font with rounded features and  large width, made over the course of a semester in introduction to drawing of characters with Alessandro Collisi at Uqam.

11 x 17 risograph printed specimen with attached silver patterned paper
Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 4.12.23 PM.png

montreal - autumn .2017
2 pages illustration for the first issue of Echelles magazine, a publication focusing on architecture and space.
The theme of the text was the non-space.

laser print 1 colors with risograph insert.

PARADE EP, our polite society workshop,
design international, uqam, montreal - 06-13.05.2017
hypergraphic glyph font made in collaboration with paul martel for our polite society workshop during design international week at Uqam

the font is inspired by the landscape around Champ-De-Mars metro station, the architecture and art deco elements of buildings, the flags around the oldport and the asian shop neon signs in the streets.

font is available at along with other teams fonts

a little book and a poster was made with 13 differents hypergraphic fonts for each team of the workshop

workshop given by Matthias Kreutzer of Our Polite Society
supervised by Louis-Charles Lasnier
book cover design, random algorithm programming by Jeremy Frechette
special thanks to Joanie Brisebois for the books bindings

phillip glass, einstein on the beach - 09.2016
typography project announcing Phillip Glass Opera Einstein on the Beach, each poster can be on their own or put over each other to create a big one. Common themes like the use of numbers and repetitive words are present on each of the poster. Made while listening to the Opera everyday for a week.

Silkscreened on transparent acetate
keeping control - 06.2016
2 medium sized posters illustrating the desire to strive for more and behaving as if everything is always under super control although, we clearly know it is not.

Printed on indigo press
kiosque newspaper - 04.2016
Kiosque is a 2 booklet newspaper focusing on the design,music and cultural aspects of society. The name originates from the french term 'Kiosque à journaux', an old saying for newspaper booths around town.
salinger's 3 stories - 10.2015
For the first class of general design we were assigned the task of choosing an author and creating a series of three book covers. 

Printed on risograph
Research report - 09.2015
Another university project for general design class. The main goal was to do a little investigation concerning a classmate chosen haphazardly and to produce a document that best encompass who they are. 
printed on green and off-white carton on a home canon printer
compaso booklet - 07.2014
A college assignment which required us to undertake the task of creating a new font derived from an old one.This booklet is for the font Compaso; based on Berthold Akizdenz Grotesk.
Josh Reim 2014ss lookbook - 09.2014
Campaign book for Josh Reim Spring Summer 2014 collection Esoterism
photography by Jetro Emilcar, styling by Samuel Fournier, MUA+Hair by Ryan Turner